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Why Size DOES Matter!

Knowing your numbers really does make a difference when it comes to bedlinen, towels, duvets and pillows and here’s why.

What luxury hotels know better than anyone is what size their beds are and how to make the perfect bed. The smooth taut sheets, the perfectly draped duvet and the seamlessly piled pillows don’t just happen, they are the result of careful specification to ensure the most memorable night’s sleep for hotel guests.

If you’ve ever woken up to find your fitted sheet has come loose overnight or you’ve noticed that irritating gap between your pillows where they don’t quite meet, then read on as we’ve got the answers to your problems.

The good news is that the solution is easy, it’s all in knowing the actual dimensions of your bed and not just what’s on the label.

Start by measuring your actual mattress across the width, down the length and don’t forget the depth. Now use bedsize guide to find yours below:


Flat Sheets Fitted Sheets Duvet Covers
Single 180 x 300cm 90 x 190cm 143 x 203cm
Double 240 x 300cm 135 x 190cm 203 x 203cm
King 270 x 300cm 150 x 200cm 228 x 223cm
Superking 300 x 300cm 180 x 200cm 264 x 223cm

Fitted or Flat Sheets:

Start with your sheet where you have the option of fitted or flat. Our fitted sheets are a generously cut 35cm deep so are able to manage even the most substantial of mattresses and toppers. Fitted sheets have become a popular choice due to their convenience, and if you have a standard size mattress they are a great choice as they result in a polished finish. Flat sheets have their own advantages though and are the choice of luxury 5* hotels because they will fit non-standard mattress sizes and still achieve that polished taut hotel look. Once you’ve mastered making the corners of your bed we promise you’ll never look back.

Duvet and duvet covers:

Using your measurements (it really is all in the numbers!), check out our table below to see what size duvet and duvet cover you’ll need. All our duvets have a good amount of drape to the sides and foot of the bed, so no one will need to fight for their share! If you want even more drape then feel free to size up, just be aware that too much duvet down the sides of the bed can become too heavy for some sleepers, so we always recommend you buy the right size for your mattress. All our duvet covers are sized to allow for the natural shrinkage of cotton.

Pillows and pillowcases:

Keep those measurements handy because yes, you’ll need them for your pillows. Check below how many you’ll need to make sure you achieve that designer hotel look and most importantly make sure there are no gaps!

Housewife Pillowcase

53cm x 78cm - This popular case style fits snugly around a 48cm x 74cm pillow.

Oxford Pillowcase

50cm x 75cm - This stylish pillowcase has a decorative border around the edge for a hotel-inspired look and feel.

Square Pillowcase

65cm x 65cm – This decorative pillowcase fits a 65cm x 65cm pillow to provide additional luxury, comfort and support. It is also known as a pillow ‘sham’.

Superking Pillowcase

53cm x 94cm – This generously-sized case snugly fits a 50cm x 90cm pillow. Lay two widthways on a 6ft Superking bed or one on a 3ft single bed. Top with a couple of square ones for that hotel at home look.

It’s worth remembering that we specify all our Oxford and Housewife pillowcases to be generously cut to allow for the natural shrinkage of cotton, as there is nothing attractive about a tight sausage skin fit!

As we’ve shown, size does matter! Getting your mattress measurements correct really does mean that you can recreate that perfect 5* hotel luxe experience in the comfort of your own home!