Between The Sheets


Meet The Tielle Sleep Panel

What do a leading design authority, sleep specialist and wellbeing warrior have in common? They’re part of a stellar new line-up to help YOU get the best night’s sleep. Sharing expert information and advice to help you sleep better and live better, the Tielle Sleep Panel, aka Dream Panel, consists of some of the most inspiring people from the fields of wellbeing, design and lifestyle. Listen and learn over the coming months as they divulge the tips, tricks and life hacks that promise to change your sleep habits and revolutionise your waking world.


Dr Kat Lederle
Tielle sleep specialist & founder, Somnia

Sleep specialist and chronobiologist, Kat Lederle, translates scientific findings and proven therapeutic techniques into practical solutions for people with sleep problems, whether that’s chronic insomnia or the odd bad night. Kat, the author of Sleep Sense, will be sharing advice about why sleep and circadian (aka body clock) health matters, and how to sleep well and feel good as a result.

Q&A with Dr Kat Lederle


Ben Spriggs
Editor, ELLE Decoration

Ben’s avid interest in contemporary design has led to a career spanning over two decades in the world of fashion, lifestyle and interiors. He has spent much of the past 11 years driving the ELLE Decoration brand as Editor in Chief. Ben will discuss how he created a home environment as calm as possible over the past year to combat everyday stress and strain and ensure his relaxed sleeping area helped him to wake up feeling refreshed.


Amy Heffernan
Global design expert and interior stylist  

Amy is the former Interiors Director at Wallpaper* magazine and an unrivalled source of inspiration on how to sleep in style at home. Amy will discuss how the quality of sleep can have a huge effect on everything from our physical and mental wellbeing to our performance during the day. The culprit behind insomnia for some could actually be down to the way the bedroom is designed.


Jessica Black
Director of Purchasing, Firmdale Hotels PLC

Jessica has two decades of experience in the hotel industry sourcing only the very best quality products for guests, including luxury bedding and bed linen. She is one of the best in the business when it comes to knowing what guests love so will share advice on how to get comfortable in bed at night and avoid waking up with a stiff neck or sore back.


Robert Lancaster-Gaye
A doyen of the linen world!

Robert Lancaster-Gaye is the co-founder of Tielle and founder of Tradelinens. The first linen company to join the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). Since cutting his teeth in the linen trade over 50 years ago, Robert has become the go-expert in luxury hotel linen. Robert will be sharing his secrets on why the right bedding and bed linen make all the difference when it comes to getting a great night’s sleep.