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Style your bedroom for Spring

Out with the old, in with the new. It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to shaking off the winter doldrums with a revitalising Spring clean. But why stop at dusting, polishing and getting your bed Summer ready? Why not also inject a little colour into your space? Sunglasses at the ready as we show you how to mix a neutral bedroom with this Spring’s most fashionable shades.


Pantone 15-0343

Bold colours give even the dullest morning a boost. This fresh tangy-yellow green is Pantone’s colour of the year and can be incorporated into your room with gorgeous air purifying plants such as Boston Fern or Bamboo Palm.

Tip: Be creative with planting and placement for instant impact

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Picture: A bridge to nowhere tumblr

Primrose Yellow

Pantone 13-0755

Brighten up grey days by combining charcoal grey and crisp white linen with throws and cushions in this oh so cheery shade. For a burst of intense brightness, consider adding a bold yellow accent wall or reading chair next to the bed.

Tip: Grey and yellow are perfect partners

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Pictures: 'Dark Lead' by Little Greene, Anglepoise Yellow Ochre bedside lamp

Pink Yarrow

Pantone 17-2034

This feisty number can pack a powerful punch but easily overwhelm. To keep it tasteful, not tacky, consider up-cycling a vintage reading chair in a luxuriously soft velvet or adding scatter cushions in a shock of pink. A bold pink neon sign with a cheeky phrase or meaningful symbol can also szoosh up a boring room.

Tip: Use bold pinks to make the scheme less ‘Barbie’ girl

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Picture: Koket Mimi Chair

Lapis Blue

Pantone 19-4045

A beautiful inky fabric perfect for any style scheme. To give your room visual depth, include a mix of blues such as an indigo headboard next to a softer blue wall. For a chic nautical-inspired room without the clichés, throw in some blue and white embroidered scatter cushions and a deep blue cashmere throw.

Tip: Blue can pair fabulously with copper and wood tones

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Picture: Farrow and Ball, Pitch Blue


Pantone 17-1462

This flamboyant, vivacious colour brings a touch of theatre to the home. For best impact, add a throw, lamp shades, cushions, a bedside chair or even paint a panel of your wardrobe in a warm yet feisty orange. Temper with dark woods and neutral tones for a less visually demanding feel.

Tip: Orange doesn’t have to be the main colour to have impact

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Pantone 14-1315

If bright colours don’t trigger an ooh response, the unpretentious woody tones of this must-have shade just might. Popular in upholstery and accessories, a cluster of ‘hazelnut’ cushions on pure white linen look beautiful against an exposed brick wall.

Tip: Hazelnut mixes well with Paradise Blue

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Picture: Tielle love luxury