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Meet the creator of the world's most luxurious sleep masks

We love finding out the story behind a brand, so we asked Jamie Smalley, founder of the world's most luxurious sleep masks, to tell us more about his jet-setting sleep mask range.

What inspired you to launch the sleep masks?

The sleep masks were inspired by my own travelling and inability to sleep well on planes. I saw the benefit in sleep masks but couldn't find one good enough quality, so I made my own. It took two years to take the idea from concept to market as I was quite picky about the design and feel of the sleep masks.

What’s special about organic bamboo silk?

Bamboo silk feels soft and luxurious and lightly cools the skin.

What steps are you taking to manufacture sustainably?

We source our bamboo silk from a fair trade supplier to ensure it is made as fairly as possible.

Can buyers really expect pitch-black sleeping?

The sleep masks underwent extensive testing, enabling us to refine the product before launch. This additional time helped us create a light-blocking sleep mask people love and gain lots of positive press reviews.

How do the masks prevent unflattering strap marks?

The design incorporates a fully adjustable head strap which allows the mask to be tailored to all head sizes. A vital part of the design is the flat clip which prevents the sleep mask from digging into the head. We tested nearly thirty different clips before finding the perfect clip and head strap combination.

Do you wear a sleep mask at night or when travelling?

I wear a Masters of Mayfair sleep mask when travelling on planes or trains. I also use the sleep mask in the summer months when it becomes light early to prevent daylight from waking me before my alarm!

What accessories wouldn’t you travel without?

My Tielle luxury travel pillow was great on my last flight to Asia and is ready for my next trip. I’ll also pack noise cancelling headphones and my Masters of Mayfair luxury travel compression socks so my feet don't overheat.

Any Masters of Mayfair celebrity sleep mask wearers?

A few but I cannot disclose who! Keep your eyes peeled in First Class!