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Master the art of the turndown to get the hotel holiday feel at home

The last week of July is traditionally one the busiest time for UK holidaymakers with millions of Brits going on holiday for some escapism.  Whether it’s staying in a hotel on a staycation closer to home or on a luxury getaway abroad, holiday makers will be looking forward to enjoying some guest class treatment, especially the warm welcome of the turndown service every evening.



Our Co-founder Robert believes we should continue the hotel holiday feeling even when we’re back home.  Robert says, ‘One of the things I love the most about staying in a hotel on holiday is the ritual of the turndown service.  It’s the feeling when I go into my room in the evening to find the lights are dimmed, the pillows are plumped and the covers have been turned down making the bed look warm, cosy and inviting. With so many enjoying this VIP treatment over the Summer holidays, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to give themselves and their guests the luxury five-star hotel treatment when they return back home.”


With the help from our Sleep Panel expert, Jessica Black from Firmdale Hotels, Tielle Love Luxury shares top tips on how to master the art of the turndown service. 


Adjust the lighting

Close the curtains and set the brightness with dimmable bedside lamps to create the right mood in the room


Clear the clutter

Clutter and sleep make terrible bed fellows, so make sure you tidy away any mess leaving the room clean and tidy  


Clear the bed

Move aside any extra cushions and remove any throws or bedspreads, storing them in a suitable place, perhaps the wardrobe or in a drawer so that you don’t clutter up the room.


Plump the pillows

Make sure you have quality pillows so they look fluffy and inviting when you lay them down flat on the bed and plumping them up nicely.  If you really want to create the holiday feel, add a chocolate or two on the top! 


Temperature control

Make sure your room has had a good dose of fresh air during the day, cooler is always a preference in the evening to ensure a calm, restful environment 


Turn down the covers

Invest in high quality bedding with a mattress topper, and bed linen because sheets that are made with premium cotton for silk-like smoothness will make you feel like you’re sinking into a cloud. Open the top right-hand duvet cover and sheet and ensure it is at a 90 degree angle. If necessary smooth it out with your hands to ensure it is flat and crinkle free. 


Add little luxuries 

Go the extra mile with a hotel or spa-style robe, slippers centrally on the floor facing away from the bed.


Keep hydrated

A simple bottle of water and glass by the side of your bed in the hotel world is essential. Just to make your night-time experience that much more pleasant with everything at hand. Prepare a refreshment tray with a kettle, cups, water and nibbles. Perhaps tea and coffee making facilities, so you don’t have to fumble around the kitchen trying to make a morning brew. 


Make it relaxing

Don’t forget the pillow spray - At Firmdale we pride ourselves on the power of scent. We have fine-tuned the perfect pillow spray with a blend of deeply relaxing essential oils. Our RikRak Pillow & Room Mist instils a feeling of quiet and calm. Soothing combinations including rosemary and lemon with eucalyptus and a gentle hint of lavender, always puts us into a tranquil state of mind. Bring extra love into your bedroom by adding scented candles, plants and flowers. Plants purify the air and are a proven way to uplift your mood, whilst the flickering glow of a scented candle will help you to feel soothed and relaxed. Simple additions like these make an inspiring environment to start and finish your day. 


On special occasions

For birthdays or anniversaries, place a breakfast menu on the pillow so you can look forward to great start to the day in the morning. Even just a simple personalised notecard can add to the feel good experience allowing you to sleep with happy thoughts .


Jessica Black said, “There is something very special about the turndown service, it’s the attention to detail that makes guests feel warm, cosy and more likely to get a good night’s sleep when they stay in one of our hotels. Being able to mirror this at home will really give your guests that luxury hotel feeling that will help make their night’s sleep dreamy.”


Aside from mastering the art of the turndown, there are plenty of lessons you can take from hotels to give you a good night’s sleep at home. Without a doubt falling asleep and waking up peacefully is key, so cosy up your boudoir with warm throws, cushions and candles for the ultimate evening retreat.


Follow these steps for a better sleep than ever before. Sweet dreams await!