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Invest in good shoes and sheets because if you're not in one, you're in the other

We spend one third of our life in bed so it makes sense to get it right. In the words of the Dalai Lama, a good night’s sleep is ‘the best meditation’. Without it we feel groggy, irritable and are incapable of thinking straight.

Yet while many of us know the bedtime no-nos such as alcohol that disrupt sleep, poor quality bedding can be equally to blame. Fitted sheets that creep off the bed at night, a saggy pillow, even those pesky little bobbly bits (known as pilling) that make us itch, can also be responsible for keeping us awake, just when we need to switch off most.

Often after a bad night’s sleep, we’ll reach for the coffee, spending on average £2.45 a cafe cup in a bid to get through the day. Yet good quality bedlinen costs as little as 3p a night* and can make the difference between slipping into a deep slumber and tossing and turning all night long.

*Based on average number of commercial washes within a hotel versus domestically washing

5 signs it’s time to upgrade for a good night’s sleep:


Problem: Linen that’s itchy and scratchy

We say: Polycotton sheets can make you itch and overheat. For the perfect night’s sleep, opt for sheets made from a high-grade cotton . This will make the sheets strong, soft, breathable and beautiful to touch.


Problem: Waking in the night sneezing

We say: Go for clean, high quality feather and down duvets and pillows encased in dust-proof casing so no feather or down can escape. Natural fills also hold fewer bedbugs than synthetic fills, according to clinical research.


Problem: Waking with a crick in your neck.

We say: Inexpensive shop bought pillows are cheap for a reason and are more likely to lose their shape and support. Take the pillow test by placing a pillow over your arm. If it folds over like an old saddle bag, get a new one as it’s either no good or past its best.


Problem: A topper that dips in the middle

We say: This is more likely to be your mattress, rather than your topper but a topper with inferior fill power will make the ‘dip’ more pronounced. Go for a two-tier topper for extra cushioning and support; a good quality topper will also prolong your mattress’s life.


Problem: Waking up sweating at night

We say: A breathable, deep fill cotton protector will help you keep your cool and your mattress fresh. To stop the protector creeping off the bed, go for well-constructed fully fitted protector or one with elasticated corners and robust elastic corner straps to hold the protector firmly in place