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How to adapt your interiors for the changing season

Lauren Gilberthorpe is an interior designer known for creating soulful spaces with timeless rustic styling. Her new homewares website now offers home accessories and bespoke furniture pieces to shop for your own home.




The temperature is dropping outside... How can you adapt your home for the season?

Investing in some beautiful scents is a solid way to bring some cosiness to your home without breaking the bank. Our accessories collection launch at The Barn this October will feature a range of gorgeous candles to help you on your way!


Are there any easy changes that can add a cosy ambience?

Soft surfaces are key to creating a cosy space, so the more you can add, the better. Selecting the right colour palette will also do wonders for making your rooms feel homey. Another simple way to soften a space is by introducing other lighting options beyond the sometimes harsh overheads. Lamps are your best friends!


We’ve heard you’re a big fan of lighting. What’s your top tip?

You want diversity and contrast with your lighting. One way of doing this is by having light at varying heights, such as table lamps, floor lighting and lighting integrated into the ceiling in different directions. Play with scale to create the mood you want in your room. For instance, in the living room, you might have one main ceiling light, but the addition of a floor lamp next to an armchair will evoke a sense of cosiness. I like to mix lighting styles, but also to think about texture– wood, metal, ceramic, polished, handmade – and what that brings to a space.


How can you make a bedroom autumn ready?

My top tip to stay extra toasty is to layer up a variety of throws in different textures and complementary colours. Layers trap in heat and can be the perfect finishing touch to a beautifully dressed bed. Wooden Venetian blinds or shutters are great for helping to retain the heat as the materials are generally thicker and essentially act as a barrier between your windows and the room. Wood is also a naturally good insulator, helping to keep the interior temperature cosy and warm.


Where are your favourite places to source homewares?

Now that we've launched our home decor shop The Barn, it's both a fantastic creative outlet for me as well as a key source for our projects. I also love antique fairs and sourcing interesting and unique pieces from my travels.


What are the statement pieces you think are worth saving up for?

We're all different, but for me, it would be a vintage piece of furniture that's also functional such as an armoire or chest of drawers. 


Which interior trends should we look out for?

Biophilic design. As our world becomes more urbanised and digitally connected it's important that we recognise our innate connection to nature. Biophilia means a love of nature, and so biophilic design means utilising natural resources to create a sense of harmony between our home and our natural world. We did a blog post about this earlier this year: