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8 Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Luxury Spa-Like Feel

Creating an at-home spa can be easier than you think. While it may not include a roof-top infinity pool with impressive views, or an attendant to cater to every whim, a few tweaks can turn the humble bathroom into a relaxing spa-like retreat. Visit the Tielle Love Luxury Pinterest page for inspiration on transforming your bathroom into a 5* spa.




1. Stack Luxury Bath Towels

There's something so pleasing about a tower of neatly stacked luxury white towels. For a simple spa-like fold, fold your luxury bath towels in half to create a rectangle, then in half in the other direction, and roll tightly until neat and compact. Stack your luxury towels in open shelving with the narrow, folded edge facing out, or in sustainably woven baskets for a tactile touch. Luxury bath mats also look great stored in this way. See our basic folding guide


2. Declutter with Storage to Suit your Bathroom

Clutter and mess are the enemy of a spa-worthy space. To bring order toy our sanctuary, schedule a 'declutter bathroom' mission. Keep anything you love, need or use, and donate, recycle or trash everything else. Follow the purge by grouping like items such as nail care and haircare together, then consider the storage that will work best. Open shelving, vanity units, over-the-door organisers and mirrored medicine cabinets are popular solutions for keeping clutter at bay, and can maximise - even double in some cases - the feel of a small space. See our bathroom boards on Pinterest for some space saving bathroom inspiration and easy to action bathroom storage ideas.


3. Introduce Calming Colours

Colours that exude tranquillity and serenity work best for a relaxing bathroom. "Soft earthy neutrals such as sage green are especially good at creating a calm bathroom", says Emma Hooton of interior design practice, Studio Hooton. Textured natural stone floor and wall tiles, perhaps in a wood effect for a cabin-like attic or smaller bathroom, can also bring cosy character and warmth. Artwork - paintings, drawings or even sculpture - can be a great way to bring an easily changeable pop of colour to walls without disrupting the tranquillity of the space. 

For bathroom décor ideas, see our guide to the ten interior design accounts to follow. The Little Greene guide to choosing bathroom paint also has some lovely bathroom décor tips.


4. Soften Floors with Luxury Bath Rugs

Ceramic and porcelain tiles look beautiful in the bathroom but they can lack warmth. To soften a cold floor layer with luxury bath mats. These will soak up water while giving your feet something beautiful to sink into as you emerge from the shower or bath. High-quality luxury bath rugs that have been carefully tufted to create a lovely deep pile will also dry quickly and fluff up well after each wash. Team your white bathroom rugs with soft white towels for a beautiful spa-like feel. 


5. Consider a Spa-Like Shower Head

A luxury shower can be achieved as simply as switching a dribbly old shower for a new spa shower head. However, as with all bathroom accessories, there's a huge variety of choice. A rainfall showerhead is especially popular for those seeking a spa style shower. This ceiling mounted showerhead mimics the feel of rinsing in the rain. A shower head with an atomised steam function and steam room experience. 


6. Use houseplants for a natural, tropical feel

Houseplants are a simple way to give a luxury bathroom a lush tropical feel. Glossy dracaenas, monsteras and steam-loving ferns enjoy warm, humid environments. How much light the room gets, how low maintenance the plants need to be, and whether the space needs to be family-friendly will also determine your choice of plants. You don't want a beautiful bird's nest fern dangling from a window sill or towel rack if little hands are likely to pull its leaves. Retailers such as Patch Plants can help you identify the best plants for bathroom areas - they even have a super unkillable list! 


7. Incorporate candles and calming scents

Aromas trigger memories and emotions so incorporating candles is a quick way to recreate that 5* hotel or spa experience. Whether you prefer fresh and sweet scents, florals or oriental notes, luxury bathroom scents can go a long way to helping you de-stress after a busy day, or focus on the day ahead. Go for eco-friendly soy candles in beautiful jars or cloches, or pillar candles in vases and lanterns and revel in the flickering flame. Natural reed diffusers also look great in the luxury bathroom, infusing both the space and any waffle robe hung on the bathroom floor. 


8. Treat yourself with a spa-style robe

It's easy to let self-care slide when you're busy, but taking care of yourself is a necessity, not a luxury. And it doesn't have to be hard to achieve. A hot soak followed by the big hug offered by luxury bathrobes or a waffle robe can help you relax and drift off to sleep more easily. Lightweight spa robes and thicker luxury robes can also double as loungewear after a busy day on the go.


Get Pinspiration for your bathroom project on the Tielle Love Luxury Pinterest page and at @tielleloveluxury on Instagram.