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The Ultimate Guide to Super King Size Bedding

There’s nothing quite like slipping into crisp, white bedding at the end of a long day. However, a good night’s sleep calls for luxury bedding that fits well. There are many different bed sizes*, and their measurements reflect their intended use. UK beds can be single, double, queen (also known as a small double), king size (for those who value space) and super king size (perfect for family movies!). The largest of them all is an emperor bed at 7ft x 7ft. European bed sizing is slightly bigger, so check your bed dimensions before buying super king size bedding from Europe (or even your local IKEA!) as it may not fit.


Bedding Types


Super king beds are wider than king size beds, so you’ll need super king bed linen to fully appreciate that delicious extra space. Attempting to fit a super king duvet into a king size duvet cover will result in a lumpy, bunched-up duvet. Likewise, putting a super king duvet on a king size duvet will lead to excess fabric either side.

 When choosing bedding fabrics and fills, nothing beats a luxury goose down or duck feather and down duvet in down proof natural cotton casing. However, a luxury microfibre duvet can also feel like down. Super king pillows are also larger than standard pillows to ensure there is no gap in-between and will need super king size pillowcases. Our pillows are generously cut to allow for a little shrinkage in the first wash. 

When buying bed sheets, super king sheets can be flat or fitted; the important thing (as always) is that the linen fits. Many luxury hotels favour good quality 200-400 thread count flat sheets for their practicality, comfort and style. Tielle’s deep fitted super king flat sheet also fits an emperor-size bed.

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Choosing the Right Bedding


Along with making sure the linen fits perfectly, consider the quality of the bedding fabric, weave and thread count, along with your preferred colour, style and price. By taking this into account you’ll be one snooze closer to buying the linen that’s right for you.

Bedding fabric:  Bed linen comes in a range of materials, including cotton, polycotton, linen and bamboo. Long staple, single ply cotton bedding is the most sought-after option due to its ability to deliver on comfort, practicality and style.

Thread count: A higher thread count can indicate a finer, silkier feeling fabric. Factors such as the quality of the yarn and finishing technique also influence the overall quality. 

Weave: The most common bed linen weaves are percale and sateen and each offers a different feel and appearance. Percale is crisp and lightweight, whereas sateen has a smooth and lustrous finish.

Design and style: Consider the overall aesthetic of your bedroom. Classic white linen always looks fresh and elegant and can feel especially luxurious in a sateen weave. Conversely, bedding with patterns and stripes can create a more playful, whimsical look.

Price and value: High quality pillows can last for three years, that’s 1,000 sleeps, and good quality bed linen can do the same – sometimes more. By investing in the right bedding, you'll enjoy even more of the health benefits of quality sleep.

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Choosing the right thread count


Retailers often use thread count (tc) as an indicator of bedding quality. However, it is just one factor among many that influences quality. The yarn type and length, bedding weave, eg. whether it’s percale or sateen and finish all matter just as much.

Long staple, single ply cotton is renowned for its premium quality. Soft, strong and breathable, it creates a smoother, more luxurious sleep experience than other yarn types or polyester or poly-cotton blends, which are less breathable and can make you sweaty at night. It is also less likely to pill (aka bobble) and more likely to withstand wear and tear. 

This superior cotton bedding in a 200tc to 600tc - anything higher will probably feel like tightly woven canvas, making it more difficult to wash and iron - is loved by top hotels who need to strike the balance between luxury and practicality. Features such as jacquard designs or satin stripes can further enhance the linen’s luxurious look and feel.


Protecting your super king mattress and super king pillows


Pillow and mattress protectors are your bed’s best friend. Helping to shield the bed from spills, stains, dust mites and allergens, a mattress protector can be placed over a mattress topper for an extra layer of comfort and support. However, the materials used in your protector or topper will go a long way to just how dreamy it feels. Cotton is the most breathable option for protectors. Likewise, the materials used in your mattress topper will impact its comfort and breathability. Soft, puffy, naturally insulating goose or duck feather and down is considered more indulgent than toppers crafted from fills such as microfibre, hollowfibre or even wool.

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Maintenance and Care


Looking after your linen will help you enjoy night after night of luxury sleep. Follow the laundry instructions and these dos and don’ts to keep it looking good.



Avoid drying on radiators for a soft, not crunchy feel

Wash at 60° for a mite-quashing wash or less for an eco-friendly wash
Avoid over heating in a tumble dryer but do make sure it is completely dry to prevent dust mites and bacteria

Iron your bedding while damp to give your bed that hotel-style feel



Use fabric softeners as they leave a thin residue that damages fabric
Dry clean bedding as the chemicals and temperature can damage the fabric
Make stain removal mistakes - follow our guide to caring for your linen
Buy linen >600tc if you want bedding that’s easy to wash and iron


How to fold


Flat super king sheet: fold the sheet once in half, then in half in the other direction and again in the opposite direction. Then fold it several times widthways to create an oblong shape that’s easy to store.

 Fitted super king sheet: turn the top corners inside out, then fold the sheet half-way widthwise and put the bottom corners in the top corners. Next, fold in half lengthwise, and again, then in half in the opposite direction. Again, this will create an oblong shape.



Fold one pillow slip in half, then in half the opposite way.

Put sheets and slip in a tidy heap, then place inside the remaining pillow slip (if you have more than two pillowcases, fold all but one and add to the heap). This will keep the set together ready for instant use, and in convenient dimensions for storing. 



Fold the same way as a flat sheet, pressing with each fold to squeeze the air out to save space. If it’s being stored for a long period, use vac-packing to keep the linen clean and fresh smelling.

Keep a couple of bedding sets for each bedroom – one on the bed, and one in reserve.




A good night’s sleep is important on many levels and the right linen will help your body get the sleep it needs. By investing in the best bedding and bed linen for you, you'll ensure the third of your life you spend asleep is spent in comfort and style.