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Mattress Toppers to Transform Your Bed this Winter

Want a bed that’s extra cosy (and let’s face it who doesn’t)? Never had a mattress topper before?  According to Tielle co-founder, Robert Lancaster-Gaye, adding a mattress topper this winter could be the single most important thing you do to creating year-round comfort and warmth.

We answer your questions on all things topper related, starting with the big ‘Why?’



Q: Why buy a mattress topper?

A: Think of a mattress topper as a pillow for your body. In much the same way the perfect pillow  provides exquisite comfort and support (head, neck and back), the best mattress toppers offer all-over body support and hotel-level comfort for a better night’s sleep.  


Q: What are the best mattress toppers?

A: Natural fills, microfibre, memory foam... Mattress toppers come in a range of sizes and fills. However, it’s hard to beat soft, puffy, naturally insulating ‘down’. Combined with feathers for support, high-quality natural toppers with a feather-down fill ratio of around 70% feather, 30% down can create the best luxury mattress toppers that mimic high quality natural fills can also offer a welcome, extra breathable layer of comfort perfect for the vegan home.


Q: How thick should a mattress topper be?

A: Topper thickness is only one part of the story. While 'thickness’ is often touted as a measure of quality, fill power, ratio and type play a big role. A pure down thick mattress topper won’t provide the structure needed to support your body; you’d go straight through it! Equally, a thick, cheap foam topper isn’t going to deliver the same luxury feel as a slimmer high-quality natural fill. The way a topper is constructed also makes a comfort difference. Our Luxury Down surround topper consists of two chambers to distribute comfort and support where it’s needed most. The chamber closest to the mattress is a mix of feather and down, creating a moisture-wicking ‘pillow’ that supports the body. The chamber closest to the body comprises cloud-like down.

“Just because a mattress says it’s thick doesn’t mean that it will work better” Robert Lancaster-Gaye


Q: Will a mattress topper warm my bed?

A: high-quality natural topper will help to keep things snug by trapping warm air, which reflects upwards, in much the same way a natural fill duvet reflects heat downwards. As the fluffy down clusters need to trap air and body heat to insulate well, layering the bed with lightweight blankets rather than heavy blankets that compress the clusters will help you enjoy the most warmth. Ensuring the duvet is the correct size too, ideally 30cm either side of the bed, will also help to envelop you in warmth.

“A high-quality topper will fluff up at the edges, helping to cocoon you a bit more”
Robert Lancaster-Gaye


Our best natural topper comprises two chambers: an upper chamber of duck down for supreme softness, and a lower chamber offering more support


Q: Can a mattress topper fix an old mattress?

A: No. A mattress topper isn’t designed to fix a saggy mattress, but a soft mattress topper will help soften a mattress that’s too firm, and protect it from wear and tear. “Toppers are different to a mattress,” says Robert, “in that they can provide an incredible level of womb-like comfort that helps to relax and lull you to sleep. I didn’t think a topper could transform my sleep when I first tried one. I’m now never without one in my or my guest bedroom.”


Q: Can I use a mattress topper all year round?

A: It depends. A natural mattress topper in cotton casing is naturally breathable and temperature regulating. Although synthetic, a microfibre mattress topper will also wick away moisture to keep you warm and dry at night. Mattress toppers that don’t allow room for airflow can trap body heat, e.g. some memory foam toppers can lead to an uncomfortably warm night.


Q: How long does a mattress topper last?

A mattress topper will last many years so a lot of sleeps! While it takes more punishment than a duvet, which sits on the body rather than under the body, the higher the quality and the better it’s looked after, the longer it will last. The trick is to aerate it regularly – you want to get the air right through it, so the clusters plump up. A high-quality mattress protector over the topper will also help protect it from sweat, stains and dirt and lengthen its lifespan, without compressing the natural fill.


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