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Create a Lagom-inspired Christmas guest room

Last Christmas, the fashion was for hygge this year, Lagom is bang on trend. Literally meaning ‘enough is as good as a feast’, Lagom is all about enjoying the perfect amount and living a more balanced, harmonious and sustainable life. Here’s how you can bring the Lagom feel-good factor into your guest room and make people feel at home.

Invest in comfort

A great night’s sleep is the most important part of any guest’s stay. Invest in key pieces such as a long-lasting mattress and winter weight duvet and add high-quality fresh, clean sheets. Keep guests warm with a gorgeous throw and conserve energy by leaving lightweight blankets nearby for cosy afternoon naps.

Add pillow power

Add just the right amount of pillows – any more and you’ll risk adding clutter which is far from the Lagom ideal. For a double bed, provide four plump feather and down pillows for comfort and support and a couple of soft duck down pillows or cushions for guests to create a cosy reading nook. Avoid heavy patterns and bold colours to retain the Lagom, pared-down look.



Leave fluffy towels

Fluffy, clean cotton towels are essential for any guest stay. As a rule of thumb leave two matching soft bath towels or sumptuously-sized bath sheets and one hand towel per guest. Roll up and place in an open handwoven basket. Lagomers cherish natural, tactile materials and skilled craftsmanship.

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Hang up robes

Hang a guest robe close to the bed so guests can step straight into something warm on cold winter mornings and midnight bathroom trips. Make sure you buy from companies that care about people and the environment they work in by looking for company accreditations such as the Ethical Trading Initiative. Conscious buying is very close to the Lagomers heart.

Pack a basket

Christmas is all about small acts of kindness so why not fill a woven basket with toiletries such as toothpaste, new toothbrushes and shampoo? A few organic luxuries as a soap, relaxing shower gel – or even a natural wax candle that will lightly fragrance the room – will make guests feel welcome in your home.

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Surprise with extras

Set up a comfy chair with a pillow and lightweight blanket, a table and an adjustable desk lamp. Leave a couple of carefully curated magazines or books relevant to your guests’ interests and a hot water bottle in a soft knitted cashmere cover to help guests cosy up and drift effortlessly to sleep.

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